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Recreational Permit Requirements:

  • 25 total Flight Hours
  • Average
  • No ground school is required, although PPL recommended.
  • (You must still pass a written exam; most students take the PPL ground school)

Private Licence Requirements:

  • Min. 45 total Flight Hours
  • Average 55-70 Hours to Complete.
  • 40 hours ground school
  • Class 4 Medical: Medical declaration with walk-in/ family doctor: needed Class 4 to solo or Class 3 medical: Aviation medical doctor.

Recreational Privileges:

  • One passenger only, regardless of seats in plane
  • Airplane with 4 seats or less
  • Daylight Weather
  • Fly in Canada only (Permit not a internationally recognised licence.)
  • No ratings or endorsements to upgrade except float rating.
  • Most students can begin training and decide closer to the first solo if they’d like to move towards the REC or PPL.

Private Privileges:

  • Daytime
  • No Passenger or sear limitations
  • Ratings and endorsements may be added to your licence including a night, multi engine, or instrument weather conditions rating.

Why choose Recreational?

  • Flying for Fun!
  • Usually used for a step in aviation, can always upgrade later.
  • Recreational pilot may write the Private written exam, thus saving having to write another written exam with upgrade to PPL within 2 years.

Why choose Private Pilot Licence?

  • Flying for fun!
  • It is Your First Step if working towards high performance airplanes, for a career or capability to fly larger aircraft to travel or use for business .
  • It is internationally recognised and allows you to fly Canadian aircraft across the Border.

Currently we direct our students online for groundschool.

We’ve recognised that a lot of pilots start going for their licences, and due to various reasons (time, finances)  if you are not interested in a full licence or permit right now for either time or finances,  we are currently offering a special package- called our Solo Course.

It is approx. 15 hours and allows you to see what flying is all about, work towards flying the plane by yourself but doesn’t lock you in for the full licence. All hours completed with this course counts towards your private pilot licence or rec permit.