Send your CV to info@provincialairways.net or Contact our office for more details! 

Flight Instructors!

Positions: Full Time 

Compensation Incentives: Salary with Wage Per hour.

Fulltime Position – Benefits after 6 months, flight rental and training discounts!

Passionate about flying? Looking to share your excitement about aviation? We are building a team of passionate aviators to assist our new Flight School and ventures here at Provincial Airways. We are passionate about assisting our communities through economic development and education , and are looking for excellent team members to support our vision!

Provincial Airways has built a foundation of experience and dedication to quality and innovative solutions in four main divisions: aerial application, aircraft maintenance, fuel services and now flight training! We are looking for qualified instructors to provide safe, quality and engaging instruction for our students!


  • Class 4 or higher flight instructors
  • Hold a valid TC Commercial Pilot Licence or higher
  • Cat 1 Medical
  • Pilot License for the category and, as appropriate, the class and type of aircraft in which the flight training is conducted.
  • Continuous Learning

Bonus Credentials:

  • Multi-IFR. Possible opportunities to assist with 702.
  • Additional ratings/permits or flight experience

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Train students in accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations and Provincial Airways
  • Train and prepare pilots for Transport Canada and PA examinations.
  • Assist with Operational Control as per company FTOM and TM;
  • Accurately record time’s for the activity (Briefings, flights, GS, instrument time, cross country times, etc) for accurate records;
  • Must provide adequate supervision and constructive feedback to students assigned ;
  • Must ensure all licences and required medical is current and you are ready/fit for duty;
  • Know and understand the applicable Canadian Aviation regulations necessary for the proper and safe performance of duties.
  • In training the world’s newest pilots it is essential to ensure the highest level of safety and quality of instruction whilst maintaining patience and excellent instructional engagement.

Flight Instructor Specific Skills:

  • Safety First Initiative
  • Takes Initiative.
  • Effective interpersonal skills.
  • Client focus- patience and engagement.
  • Excellent communication.
  • Flexible.
  • Accurate.
  • Team player.
  • Reliability.

Pilot Specific Skills:

  • Conduct pre-flight inspection of aircraft and check passenger and cargo distribution to ensure that weight and balance specifications are met.
  • Safety First Mindset

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities:

  • Attention to detail.
  • Hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Ability to distinguish between colours.
  • Combination of sitting, standing, walking.
  • Daytime and Nighttime Instruction.

Provincial Airways is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted

In Person or Online Ground School: November 2!

NEW! IN person or Online Ground School!

Starting November 1, Each Tuesday and Thursday we will be hosting IN PERSON or ONLINE ground school for our students! No Previous experience is required!



November 1, 2022.

Our first PPL ground school in person session begins November 2nd, each Tuesday and Thursday, 7-9 PM.  Click HERE to see our weekly class topics.


Price: See below, the basic in-person PPL course is $399


How Can I Sign Up:

Pay/Register for Ground School via our Pilot Store OR call 306-692 -7335 to reserve your slot! Please note, space is limited for the in- person class.

What Equipment Do I Need:

We sell student kits- see our pilots store for a detailed description!  If you already have some supplies please contact one of our instructors at 306-621-7181 to determine what remaining supplies is needed.

Is Ground School Mandatory:

Transport Canada requires that each in order to complete the Private Pilot Course and written exam, 40 hours must be completed and signed with a letter of recommend. The commercial pilots licence requires 80 hours of ground school. The recreational pilot permit does not require ground school in order to complete the written exam, however we strongly encourage you to learn via ground school!

Do I need to fly prior to ground school or vice-a -versa? :

No, feel free to start online ground school at anytime, and our inperson session begins October 4. We do  encourage you to complete ground school and prepare for your written exam whenever it is not optimal to fly- such as during strong winds, the months of January etc.

Weather Conditions:  Class cancellation will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Accommodations to complete the class via zoom may occur. Please contact an instructor or text the Ground School Whats App group.

Ground Community: Feel free to join our class whats app group: click on this link 



Coming Soon to Provincial Airways…

Ground Crew

We’ve got a FANTASTIC ground crew at the Moose Jaw muni! 🙌 Thanks for all your hard work, guys!