Discovery Flight

Is it your dream to fly?

Your Discovery flight is your first lesson and STEP #1 for the Recreational Permit or Private Licence.

During your Discovery Flight you will learn:

  • what flying an airplane is like,
  • a chance to explore take off and in air flight,
  • meet the staff and aircraft
  • you will also experience 3 parts to your flight, different than an airplane ride:
    1. “pre-flight briefing”
    2. the actual in air “flight”, and
    3. a postflight briefing!


Your Discovery flight begins with a “Preflight Briefing”  in the main office. Your flight instructor will explain what you will do during the flight, including what you might encounter : the route, weather, safety precautions and information regarding the aircraft. From there, you and the instructor will complete a “pre-flight inspection” of the aircraft- an inspection of the outside, inside and liquids of the aircraft .


This is the second phase of your Discovery flight- FLYING! As YOU sit in the pilots seat, you will learn/perform checklists, startup and after a short demonstration -taxi to the runup area. Upon preflight checks, taxi to the runway will occur…ready, set, Take off!

You will fly as much as possible in the air- getting familiar with the “feel” of the airplane, including basic turns, climbs and airspeed. The airplane quite graceful in the air- it might just surprise you! Next, the instructor will land the airplane with you.


Upon Taxiing to the parking spot, your Instructor will complete a debrief with you: explaining what you experienced, what to improve on an what to prepare for your next flight.

Total Time: In Air flight approx.. 25 minutes, total time approx.. 1 hour.

Gift Certificates Available!