Why Us - Fly Provincial Airways - Saskathewan

Why Us

Is it your dream to fly?

Have you completed the steps to determine the right flight school? Let’s get Started!

Flying is incredibly exciting to start but asking the right questions will help you in the long run! We encourage you to follow steps that Transport Canada suggests prior to beginning your flight training!

Step #1: Identify your Goals…Recreational or Career!

Identify your aviation Goals by asking these questions!

  • Do you want to pilot an aircraft for fun or as a career?
  • Do you prefer to train full-time or part-time?

Provincial Airways helps students achieve their training goals, be it recreational, career or career down the road! We’ve got you covered! 

Step #2: Identify the School that Meets those Goals!

Are you looking to fly fulltime towards a career in aviation?

Are you looking to fly part time after work or school?


If you absolutely love flying and want to just fly for fun, we’ve got you covered- enjoy training towards a licence or have fun at our educational workshops!

If you are hoping to kick start your training career in aviation or even learn now and fly commercially later down the road Provincial Airways’ has got your training needs covered! If you are looking to complete your PPL prior to beginning an aviation diploma or degree we can assist you as well. (Sask Poly Tech, Mount Royal etc.)


Are you looking to train full time, fly after work/school during the week or on weekends? Relax, we’ve got you covered!

You busy schedule and aviation goals are important to you- and important to us! Easily book online or in person.

Whether you are looking to train full time, fly after work/school during the week or on weekends -relax, we’ve got you covered! To take advantage of every good weather flying day we w offer flight training year round, 7 days a week, with the exception of Christmas Day and New Years.  Contact our Office (306) 692 – 7335 and speak with our friendly Receptionist for our current hours.

Step #3: Visit the Schools in Person

Visit your flight schools in person!

What type of aircraft, facilities, personnel, policies and training environment do they have?

Are you looking for a flight school that offers exposure to uncontrolled and controlled tower environments?

We would love for you to visit us! We’d love to show you our aircraft, introduce you to the team and answer your questions! If you’d like, you could even book a discovery flight! Feel free to just “Walk in” or if it’s not a good weather day, contact our Front Office (306) 692 – 7335 to see our hours!


Receive flight training on our Cessna 172 Skyhawk.  Cessna’s are widely considered the ultimate flight training aircraft!

Keeping up with the aviation career industry technology, we’ve upgraded our to provide state of the art Garmin G3X Avionics, all while keeping our prices similar to other flight schools in the area.

We also offer training for you in your own aircraft. Please note proper: insurance, dual controls, shoulder harnesses etc. are required. Contact the Front Desk for more information.


Provincial Airways is a Transport Canada Authorized Maintenance Organization # 61-20.

Our expert Maintenance Team is devoted to outstanding safety! We offer in house servicing for general aviation aircraft to specialized aerial application aircraft.  Having in house maintenance keeps your costs down and keeps your scheduling a priority. Our students can fly safe knowing their aircraft has been maintained to the highest care!


Friendly Environment

Our flight teams are dedicated to fostering a friendly, effective training environment to deliver quality instruction for you!  We strive to provide an outstanding flight training experience from moment you walk in and meet our friendly receptionist to the completion of your lesson!

Our Team Students come first! We deliver quality instruction and proper training opportunities. Our Transport Canada certified flight instructors are dedicated to teaching aviation and help you achieve your goals. Whether you going up for your first flight, training towards a licence or are a commercial pilot looking for a checkout, expect exceptional instruction and safety! Provincial Airways is here for you! Receive customized quality instruction with our team of high standard pilots, safety-first mechanics, and opportunities with real time professionals in the aviation industry.

Our extended Provincial Airways team also includes a combination of 10 maintenance engineers and apprentices, over 10 seasonal pilots and 5-10 aircraft loaders. If you are looking for more information on our aerial application or maintenance, contact us HERE


Our Flight Training is currently offered at the Provincial Airways Main Building, Moose Jaw Municipal Airport (North East of  Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Our location provides our students to complete cross countries trips to the Southwestern areas of SK and AB, or once you’re licenced, simply anywhere pre-approved! One of our favorite quotes: “A mile of highway will take you a mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere”!

As we are located within uncontrolled airspace, it allows our students to prevent waiting in line to taxi or take off for long periods of time in line and a direct, easy short trip from the airport to your “practice area”! Due to our proximity to Regina International Airport, we also can offer many opportunities for our students (recreational and career minded) to practice their skills in a not only in uncontrolled, but additionally controlled airspace environment.


Students Come First!

We are committed to providing exceptional instruction … lets start the adventure of a lifetime!

Whether you going up for your first flight, training towards a licence or are a commercial pilot looking for a checkout, expect exceptional instruction and safety!

Our committed to provide our students with the tools to:

  1. Foster Superior Safety Decisions
  2. Retain and Fly Current Transport Canada Standards and Best Practices
  3. Become Better Pilots “Make your Lesson Worth It!”
    • Prepare properly.
    • Understand What you are learning/Why you’re learning it
    • Practice How to Fly Correctly
    • Receive Instruction with Your Learning Style and Pace
  4. Be Inspired

“A Pilots licence is a licence to learn!”

Preparing Properly: Learning is best completed on the ground and practiced in the air.

We recognise that students learn in a variety of ways, flight training is expensive and your time is precious. In order to practice in air as much as possible we want ensure you understand your training prior to getting in the airplane!


To “Make the Most” out of your flight lessons we have created a lesson prep kit for our students

  1. Provincial Airways Student Lesson Prep Kit: Student Outline, Air Exercise Prep
    • To provide an opportunity to understand your lesson prior to your lesson, you will receive your student lesson kit to prepare you for each new air exercise prior to each flight. These PowerPoints, Tips and Cool Handouts provide the content your instructor will teach, additional tips, clarify content from your Transport Canada readings. We find this really helps understand content prior to the airplane. This is provided via our website under “Current Students”, a USB stick with your Student Book Kit, and in addition to your books and supplies.
    • Student Outline: Understand what Licencing Requirements and training parameters are expected and required.

Step #4: Compare the Financial Costs!

Across Canada most lesson rates and fees are based on the type of aircraft equipment. At Provincial Airways we’ve tried to keep our rates competitive even with our equipment upgrades.

Step #5: Choose Your Flight School!

Make your choice! Our team at Provincial Airways would love to assist your aviation journey, but remember, you need to start the adventure that is right for you, your schedule, your career and your family!